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Truck is full of fire. A kick butt bulldog. He is solid and has great conformation. I will be very picky who this boy goes to so no calls from people who have too many dogs already, or folks that call every  time I have something up for sale. No calls from people who want to play games. This is a dang good dog, and im not selling him cheap. Please only call or e-mail if you are serious about aquiring this beautiful boy.  I do prefer him to go ground transport, but ill send him through airline to the right person. Also I will be keeping some semen off of him. Any more questions please call!!!

 Thank you, Melissa Hammer

Below Truck's pictures are some of his relatives!!

This is Truck's  full brother

 Hubbard's Bandit of Hammer's

This is Truck's full brother 

Sledge Hammer of Hammer's

This is Truck's half sister from the same mom different dad 

Candelites Patches of Hammer's

This is Truck's half brother from same mom different dad. The second picture is of Rusty and Sadie

He's all Rusty of Hammer's

This is Truck's  mom

Hammer's Sadie of Hubbard's

And of course we can't forget dad. 

KMK'S Mac King Mufassa of MGK